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Traditional Irish Music for St. Patrick's Day Party

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is a free, bi-monthly, downloadable radio show of independent Irish and Celtic music. It is hosted by Marc Gunn, lead singer of the Brobdingnagian Bards and The Dubliners Tabby Cats, chief editor of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, proprietor of Song Henge, and a fan of all things Celtic. If you're looking for Celtic MP3s or music online, Marc Gunn is probably there.


Last year, I borrowed a book from harper, Doc Grauzer, for casual reading about the history of Irish music. In the book, the author explained that many Irish musicians were forbidden by Britain to play the music of their heritage and suffered the consequences for disobeying. But the concept seemed to have greater depth to me as an independent Celtic musician.

Music has evolved a lot since those days. Styles have changed. Dylan went electric. Enya changed the whole concept of "Celtic music" to many in the United States. While I enjoy all styles of Irish and Celtic music, I feel that in order to know where you are going, you should know where you came from. Our cultural heritage is important, as is our musical heritage.

This album includes a wide range of acoustic instrumental music. It is not all traditional, but it is an exciting glimpse at how 21st century independent Celtic musicians are keeping tabs on their cultural heritage. It covers a wide range of musical styles by bands who refuse to allow their heritage to be victimized.

If you are love your Irish heritage, you can show your love of it with this captivating and energizing compilation of amazing music. A portion of the profits benefit a non-profit cultural organization, but all of it supports the heart of our Irish heritage.

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Support Indie St. Patrick's Day Music

St Patrick's DayAs St. Patrick's Day music fans, we all love the music of St. Patrick's Day. Sadly, we all have bills to pay. We have challenges to face every day. So wouldn't it be wonderful if the music on St. Patrick's Day lasted all year long?

It never will. But the goal of my latest CD is to make St. Patrick's Day music a little more accessible and fun.

“Not Every Day is Not St. Patrick’s Day” adds to Marc Gunn’s considerable collection of Celtic music made accessible in any number of ways.  First of all, it’s a great listen.  Even if you never explore the music beyond that, you’ll be satisfied.  But Marc has made the lyrics to and chords for all these great songs available on his Irish Song Lyrics website.

I also have a page dedicated to St. Patrick's Day lyrics.

While I highly recommend my album, you might prefer to start with one of my many St. Patrick's Day playlists.

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