St Patrick's Day music Party

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St Patrick's Day Free Music Downloads

The following free music downloads are a free gift to you. Share them with your friends and please tell them all about the Marc Gunn.

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Check out more St Patrick's Day lyrics here as well as the Best Irish drinking song lyrics here.


Marc Gunn

Chart-topping Irish drinking songs. Known as "The Celtfather" for his extreme support of indie Celtic music, Marc Gunn is an award-winning Celtic folk musician fusing traditional Irish songs with a touch of blues and jazz and good geek fun. He performs Celtic music, the traditional and the twisted. His music inspires smiles, laughter, and joy wherever he performs. Download more free MP3s when you subscribe to his mailing list.

Buy MP3 Single Johnny Jump Up
Another name for hard cider. If you're not expecting it, the alcohol can sneak up on you and cause all sorts of fun problems... And you'll be forced to sing-along!

Buy MP3 Single Beer, Beer, Beer
A song about the supposed inventor of beer, a man named Charlie Mopps. Where would we be without this hero of the common people?

Buy MP3 Single Finnegan's Wake
What happens when a dearly loved Irishman passes on? Well, it's time to celebrate his wake. This song is dedicated, no doubt, to the Irishman's love of funerals and whiskey, "Finnegan's Wake" supplied the theme for James Joyce's famous novel of the same name.

Buy MP3 Single Wild Mountain Thyme
Okay, this really isn't a St Patrick's Day song, but I love the song. It is beautiful and romantic and a great sing-a-long which is one of the reasons it was so popular in among Irish bands in the 60s and on until today.

Buy MP3 Single The Leprechaun
"The Leprechaun" is an original song I wrote on St Patrick's Day in 2001. It's a goofy, fun sing-a-long that's really popular among kids of all ages.

Buy MP3 Single The Parting Glass
One of the classic Irish drinking songs and Irish songs of parting. You might remember it from that wonderful movie, Waking Ned Devine. Here, I sing it like it might be sung in a traditional pub setting, a cappella.


and now for something completely different...

The Dubliners' Tabby Cats

Combine Cats and Celts and you have Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, a CD for the wonderfully demented kitty cat fanatic. Listen to music you've heard on St. Patrick's Day or by The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, The Wolfe Tones, and The Irish Rovers. Then laugh as all your favorite Irish Drinking Songs are rewritten with lyrics about cats. Your love of Celtic music will never be the same! Find out more here.

Buy MP3 Single Wild Kitty (parody of Wild Rover)
The first of my Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers . This cat song is based on the Irish folk song " Wild Rover". This song tells of cat who is out searching for food, but instead just finds himself with drinking problem. The chorus is incredible fun!

Buy MP3 Single When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling (parody of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
This cat song is based on the Irish American folk song and St Patrick's Day song favorite, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". The songs is a joyful look at the playful and sometimes distructive, but always sweet nature of cats. Look for it on my Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD.

Buy MP3 Single Lord of the Pounce (parody of Lord of the Dance)
This parody of "Lord of the Dance" was inspired by my friend, Pam Owens, known as Mother Pockets. I thought her idea of "Lord of the Pounce" was easy to parody for my Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD. And it was. But as I was studying the different lyrics, I realized there was a great "circle of life" story that could be told. Domesticated cats have been a part of our human culture for centuries. So I decided to make this song tell the story of cats as a part of the human experience, but with heavenly beginnings that will never end.