St Patrick's Day music Party

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St Patrick's Day Music Gifts

Get some great music for St Patrick's Day with these St Patrick's Day gift CDs. Click the links or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD.


Marc Gunn's Top Irish Celtic Music CDs for St Patrick's Day

You'll find my most-popular albums of mostly traditional Irish & Scottish music to celebrate the holiday. Theseare "must-own" CDs for St. Patrick's Day.

Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion by Marc Gunn (2013)

The Celtfather fuses traditional Scottish songs with Celtic American fun while raising a flag for Scottish freedom!

Marc Gunn compiles some of the greatest Scottish songs ever written into one incredible album that topped the World Music charts on iTunes when it was released on St. Andrew's Day. It' fun Celtic music for all the Scottish ex-patriots around the world.


St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids

St Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids by Marc Gunn (2015)

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your little leprechauns. Your kids will love this collection of fun and funny St. Patrick’s Day songs. It’s Celtic music for kids and the whole family!

If you're not smiling, laughing and singing along, you better go to a therapist.

St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids

How America Saved Irish Music by Marc Gunn (2014)

The Irish diaspora of the 19th century sent millions of Irish families to America.  Settling in New York, Boston and New Orleans, the immigrants brought Irish music with them.  Combining with other folk traditions and sustained by Irish cultural organizations across the country, Irish and Celtic music thrives in America. Two original songs are based on the construction of the New Basin Canal in New Orleans, where something between 5,000 and 20,000 Irish workers dies of yellow fever.

Not Every Day Is St Patrick's Day

Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day by Marc Gunn (2013)

Ever wake up on St. Patrick’s Day in a panic because you have no Irish music? Well, here’s a ready-made solution!

"Not Every Day is Not St. Patrick's Day" adds to Marc Gunn’s considerable collection of Celtic music made accessible in any number of ways. First of all, it’s a great listen. Even if you never explore the music beyond that, you’ll be satisfied. But Marc has made the lyrics to and chords for all these great songs available on his Irish Song Lyrics website.

Happy Songs of Death

Happy Songs of Death by Marc Gunn (2009)

It’s Irish. A joyful juxtaposition of the morbid and the comic that celebrates murder ballads, the Black Death and life through death.



Silly Irish Songs for St. Patrick's Day

Get ready to laugh with Celtic songs both the traditional and the twisted. This is Irish musical satire at it's best.

Marc Gunn - Kilted For Her Pleasure

Kilted For Her Pleasure by Marc Gunn (2010)

Do you love kilts? Celtic music? Do you love to laugh? You're in luck!

Enjoy Marc Gunn's Kilted Celtic comedy music for the playfully demented Celtic music fan. Get ready to guffaw with a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine for any Celtic music lover.

album cover

Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers by by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats (2008)

The fantastic follow-up to the highly successful cats and Celtic music themed CDs. Irish songs rewritten about cats and beautifully produced.

If you love cats and Celtic music, what are you waiting for?

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Irish Drinking Songs For Cat Lovers by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats (2005)

The original CD combining Irish drinking songs and my love of cats.

Are you a cat lover? Do you love to Irish drinking songs? Get this new cd for the wonderfully demented kitty cat fantatic. Listen to music you've heard on St. Patrick's Day by The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, The Wolfe Tones, and The Irish Rovers. Then laugh.


Brobdingnagian Bards Irish Music

Brobbdingnagian Bards were one of the earliest Irish bands to change the way you hear Celtic music. They did it online, in a fun manner that has allowed the band to become more and more popular even after breaking up in 2008.

Songs of Ireland

Songs of Ireland by Brobdingnagian Bards (2002)

Irish folk drinking songs perfect for St Patrick's Day or to rediscover your Irish heritage.

Nineteen famous Celtic ballads and drinking songs of Ireland. The perfect blend of St. Patrick's Day music! 

Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales by Brobdingnagian Bards (2005)

A warm fire of your favorite fairy tales, Irish folk songs, and fantasy filk music from Brobdingnag. Order a Guinness and smile to Irish drinking songs, The Princess Bride, and Star Wars: A New Hope.

Fairy tales do come true on the new CD. We picked our favorite Irish Pub songs and timeless fairy tale filk music and tenderly recorded them on a CD. We lovingly mixed and mastered this album with all the Brobdingnagian passion we could muster. Then we each added a sweet tear drop to each recording to add that extra bit of love. 

Once the CD was mailed to the printers, we threw our hands in the air and danced around the room laughing and dancing a jig. Our kilts bounced up high as we shouted out, "It's done! It's done! It's done" in unison. Then we grinned. It was good. 

A Faire To Remember

A Faire To Remember (2001)

The Top 10 most-popular songs at Renaissance Festivals, plus The Bards personal favorites including some of funniest and most-engaging songs around.


Celtic Compilation CDs

I also host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, the largest podcast for indie Celtic music online. We have released several compilation CDs over the years. Best of all, each of these compilations benefit Celtic non-profit organizations. Listen because we are helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music.

Irish Celtic Music

Irish Celtic Music by Poitin and FIMM (2012)

Chart-topping Irish Celtic music beyond imagination and set aflame through the inspiration and fusion of past and present Ireland. The tunes on this album are by two of most-popular traditional Celtic groups on the podcast. They are also two of Marc Gunn’s very favorite indie Celtic bands–FIMM and Poitin.

Best of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Best of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast by Various Artists (2009)

A compilation of some of the best independent Celtic music groups featured on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Benefits Celtic Non-Profit.

Victims of Irish Music

Victims of Irish Music by Various Artists (2007)

Borne from the struggle to keep acoustic Irish music alive and relevant, Victims of Irish Music gathers the finest independent Celtic musicians who are winning the fight to keep instrumental Irish and Celtic music vibrant and meaningful.

Secret World of Celtic Rock

The Secret World of Celtic Rock by Various Artists (2005)

The hottest independent Celtic Rock music in the world packed on one CD at one low price.