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St Patrick's Day is coming!

Just because St. Patrick's Day only happens on March 17th does not mean you can't enjoy the holiday year round.

The St. Patrick's Day Podcast was created to celebrate the music and culture of the Irish through this great holiday. There are two main goals for this podcast.

The first reason is that I want to introduce you to some of the best independent Celtic music that you can find online. There's a lot of bands who struggle hard to be heard. And I want you to hear them without all the chatter. That's right. To steal a phrase from terrestrial radio: less talk, more music. That means you will have a ton of music that you can play over and over again for your St. Paddy's Day celebrations.

The second reason is because I am dedicated to helping independent Celtic musicians be heard. To do that, I want to connect you the Celtic music fan to some Celtic musicians I hope you will love. And if you do love their music, all I ask is that you drop by their website and buy a CD when you get a chance.

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Marc Gunn - Kilted For Her Pleasure Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day by Marc Gunn (2013)
Ever wake up on St. Patrick’s Day in a panic because you have no Irish music? Well, here’s a ready-made solution!