St Patrick's Day music Party

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St. Patrick's Day Podcast #5 - Two Months to St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day music from Haggis Rampant, Ceann, Claire Roche, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Langer's Ball, The Gas Men, Gaelic Storm, The Rogues, Marc Gunn, Crepuscule, Ed Miller, Flook, The Elders, TJ Hull and Jeff Ksiazek, Tullamore, The Tea Merchants.


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st patrick's day music

This Month:

"High Road to Gairloch/Brown Haired Maiden" by Haggis Rampant from Tri

"Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk" by Ceann from Everything's Fine

"The Stolen Child" by Claire Roche from Dancing In The Wind

"Jedi Drinking Song" by Brobdingnagian Bards from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

"I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day" by The Langer's Ball from Ships Are Sailing

"The Lilting Gas Men" by The Gas Men from Clement Street

"Kiss Me I'm Irish" by Gaelic Storm from Bring Yer Willies

"Steam Train" by The Rogues from American Highlander

"I'll Drink from Dusk Til Dawn" by Marc Gunn Celtic Music from Happy Songs of Death

"Devil in the Kitchen Set" by Crepuscule from Shades of Music

"The Spanish Lady" by Ed Miller from Never Frae the Mind

"Pod:Baldy hollow/The Empty Pod" by Flook from Rubai

"Men of Erin" by The Elders from American Wake

"Sergeant Early's Dream/ Paddy Fahey's (reels)" by TJ Hull and Jeff Ksiazek from Éist

"Bonnie Susie Cleland" by Tullamore from Wild and Wicked Youth

"Polkas and Slides" by The Tea Merchants from The Tea Merchants